Just Another Day

The conspiracy of events...
"Batten down the hatches!" or
"Make hay while the sun shines?"

Whether sleeping or awake they come at us in all shapes and sizes. Some predictable but mostly random and apparently inconsequential. Some specific and personal to the individual; others  are widespread or even global. This stream or event flux pushes and pulls our personal direction of life as we live our daily routines. Usually we stay pretty much to our chosen path but occasionally even the smallest event can combine with others and drive us towards new paths and previous unimagined destinations. We may not choose the events but in how we deal with them there is certainly personal choice; that decision affects future opportunity and/or reward/loss.

"If I'd have only done this or not done that" How many times have you looked back and had the thought?
"And I shouldn't have even been there!"
"If only..." 

"If ifs and ands were pots and pans there'd be no work for tinkers' hands."

We entered a new century with high spirits and hopes. They didn't last long. We had an event; financial global melt down. Was it predictable? I would reckon so. When the developing world develops it's going to produce and (what do you know?) some will then become net exporters and not importers. This leads to surplus of supply and deflation; one thing that banker chaps and financial peeps definitely do not like. Deflation, said in hushed whispers and most certainly not to be bandied around lightly in public places. A banking system would sacrifice any currency rather than let inflation (that evil we can shout about fighting)  flip into deflation.

This global event triggered a few personal ones:
I lost my job (many did) rapidly followed by my health and finally home. Homeless and recognising a conspiracy of events I went into "batten down the hatches" mode and concentrated on survival. Now those tinkers' if and ands kick in (concentrate dear reader please)...
Some very dear friends (knowing help was needed) offered me a bit of work designing and rebuilding their front garden. 
A friend of a friend happened to have a conversation with somebody that knew of me that had seen me working in my friend's front garden only the previous week.
"You need to talk to Cowboy" was the advice and so he left and came to see me at work.
"My brother could do with a man like you but he lives 140 miles away but I'll take you to meet him."
And so he did. Before long I had an offer which I accepted and moved from Yorkshire to the West Midlands. I had work and a place to call home again. It felt good. The conspiracy of events had been beaten. Perhaps un-battening of hatches could be begin and hay making considered?

Not so fast, four weeks later there was an event. Not global but shattering in the form a gas explosion. It was not good and recovery was slow. I concentrated on keeping Charimage intact and developing my interest in putting cameras into the sky using kites. I stayed in the West Midlands as I got back to "fighting fit."  I was encouraged to get my first British Passport. At 53 I finally got around to getting it done. I got back to work managing my client's estate.

Then what appeared to be a casual conversation:
"Cowboy, What have you got planned for October?"
"Nothing special. Why?"
"Good. Then I want you in Kenya for the month and you'll need your cameras and kites too. OK?"

Sounds about OK to this TINKER. IF somebody wants to take me AND my cameras AND my kites to Kenya for a month I'd be POTS to think other than the financial crisis PANNED out just fine.

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