It's strange; as we get to the end of the year it doesn't seem two minutes since we waved goodbye to 2012. Millennium celebrations pro rata  about an hour ago. The it doesn't seem two minutes effect  is often accompanied by a distorted affection for times gone; the it was good back then syndrome and fear for the future; the we're all doomed syndrome. Collectively this syndrome triad are aging; you just got older and are (in all probability) closer to your final sunset than you are from your first sunrise.

We are conditioned at set time intervals to look back in attempt to learn lessons from the past and also try and predict the future, set goals and make resolution. We do this daily, weekly and find a new year just irresistible. We use time periods as a management tool. To audit the past, predict our position in the future as we attempt to navigate and have some control of our own lives.

I shall wave goodbye to 2013 with ease. It was a particularly hard year. I'm hoping the last in a run of a few starting with 2010. It has been a period where I have had to stand and defend what I believe in and put my own security "on the line" in that defense. Conflict is about conviction and brings cost and casualties. When it is about your basic beliefs it is best to try and bear most of these yourself. I certainly lost wealth, I also "lost" a list of people who I thought of as friends. These friends were, in fact, best lost. I have survived. You do. I am intact in that my beliefs are secure. I am still "who I am." The time audit balance sheet looks in good order. The years were well used; in so far as they could be. No it is not a it was good back then period. It doesn't feel two minutes? No, it was a damned hard flog. Fear for the future? Hell no.

The world has changed and is changing fast. We are now becoming globally connected with a freedom that is not as controlled by our government or physical location. That freedom crosses national boundaries and is very much the freedom of the individual. We can connect with and develop relationships with people that were beyond our reach in those not so rosy bygone days.

Resolutions? I don't really do resolutions. Perhaps one: to keep my life "decluttered" by people that conflict with my basic beliefs. I have a reaffirmation of conviction for the new year. After revisiting homelessness in 2013 I am rededicated to Charimage and my goal to connect my artistic output to the ability to do some small good in this ever changing world. Because it's here today and gone tomorrow, Still the world goes on the same.

Everyone is facing changes,
No one knows what's going on.
Everyone is changing places,
Still the world keeps moving on.
Love must always change to sorrow,
Everyone must play the game.
Because it's here today and gone tomorrow,
Still the world goes on the same. 

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