Home Is Where The Heart Is

We have all heard the saying and it is true. We only feel completely "at home" when we are in a place that we hold dear or are with the person we love. If you are homeless and distant from that loved one it is very easy to loose one's heart too. The loss of your heart may well take hope with it. Hopeless drives despair and desperation; not a position you want to end up in at a time when it is imperative that you use your wits and logic and keep your feet firmly on the ground.

"While your ass is on the floor make sure you keep your feet there too!"

As you step into the homeless state you are entering a period of chaos and turmoil. The immediate future will be occupied by a "salvage and secure" mission. Your life will disintegrate before your eyes and you are going to have to work extremely hard to first salvage what you can and then deposit the items of your life to various safe locations or into the hands of trusted people. You are going to be much preoccupied with survival rather than living. The basic needs of shelter, food and warmth will overwhelm your thinking time. You can expect to face periods of both cold and hunger. Add to the list vulnerability, isolation, fear, loneliness and many other negative clouds that gather and it's easy to see how your heart can end up with your other losses. It is the one thing you are going to need to stand a chance of returning from survival to living.

How to guarantee that your heart survives being homeless? You must treat it the same as all the other items that you have managed to salvage. Do you need it to survive? No you do not; It will not feed, warm or shelter you (Anybody that says your heart will keep you warm has never been homeless.) You will have to be able to carry what you need for survival; Anything you need for living, including your heart, needs secure storage to be redeemed when you are ready. You need to be detached from your heart at this time. You are therefore leaner and more capable for survival unencumbered by the heart's burdens.

Can you leave your heart in a place? Doing so would be high risk and pure folly to my way of thinking; it too needs to survive. I am lucky. I have a good guardian for my heart who is over 3000 miles away. She will shelter, feed and keep it warm and bring it back to me in good order. Would I be home and not homeless if she were with me now and not 3000 miles away? "Home is where the heart is" may reckon so but, as anybody who has been homeless knows, this is wrong. I would have my heart with me true; but we would still be homeless. Who then would we trust to take care of our hearts while we concentrated on surviving?

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