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Ask any question on Google Plus and some kind soul will step forward and help you out. It's one of the star quality points that sets the platform apart from all others. Just run a regular Google Search on "Google Plus mentors" and you get several million results. The place is just full of people who will help you out and teach you but also give their knowledge freely. These people will nurture and mentor you  and also introduce you to a peer group for your chosen subject. Along the way you will come across some new ideas and concepts and may have to adjust the way that you think about things but, take it from me, even if your learning curve is steep your journey will be gentle and above all, it will be fun.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  ~ William Arthur Ward.

If you want inspiration; find a person who will explain and can demonstrate. There are many out there. What makes them take so much trouble for people they have never actually met? They care. Care is one of those words at risk of being devalued by over-use. These people give it back its true value. The fact that Google Plus is so rich in mentors should encourage us all in what so often appears to be a cruel, harsh and uncaring world. 

I repeat there are many out there but I shall cite just one to give you a clear appreciation of the mentor character type that you should look for: +John Rakestraw. I have first hand knowledge of this caring man. On all things creative and particularly writing he will "encourage" you to the point where you are forced to step forward and better yourself. The shear enthusiasm of his "encouragement" will gradually wear you down. Be warned he has also surrounded himself by a posse of Deputy Encouragement Enforcement Officers. Care he does though which is why I name him as the mentor type that you should seek out. 

The embedded G+ post below is from John. It will support my contention that he stands as a giant in the mentor field. If not a giant among the giants (a mega-giant so-to-speak.)

Once again I have cause to rethink what I thought I knew. Men are not that good at remembering their other half's birthday... Right? It is just a genetic thing; we are not designed that way. We were built to be busy thinking about slaying dragons, hunting woolly mammoths or tinker with things that burn gas and make a lot of noise. Here is a man who not only remembered it but did so in January, a full three quarters of a year before the due date. Not only did he remember darned early (which is pretty impressive for us dragon slaying, mammoth hunting mechanic heads) but he actually got the pressie sorted, gave it to his wife AND managed to stop her unwrapping it for nine months. Hats off Sir Rakestraw. Husbandly attentiveness concisely explained and very clearly demonstrated. 

I am just Inspired!

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