The First Lady of Jazz

1969 was Ella Fitzgerald's first appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Here is evidence of why she was so dominant throughout the second half of the twentieth century. An iconic song delivered in a way that only she was capable of doing. Backed by The Tommy Flanagan Trio [Tommy Flanagan/piano, Frank De La Rosa/bass, Ed Thigpen/drums] McCartney would have to agree Fitzgerald takes Jude and makes it her own. Is this jazz, rock'n'roll or blues? I don't know it is art and Fitzgerald at her soulful best.
Following the sudden death of her mother when she was aged nine, the young wayward Ella was taken in by an aunt and spent her early years in reformatories/orphanages before running away and living on the streets. What a start for a singer who recorded over 60 years and won 13 Grammy Awards. Many  regard the shy and troubled Ella as the perfect voice; phenomenal pitch, range and purity; instantly recognizable.

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